Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Controversy

In analyzing your treatment options for plantar fasciitis, you have probably heard at least one mention of night splints. Generally speaking, the feedback from wearers of popular products such as the Strassburg sock (not really a true night splint) tend to vary from, “works like magic” to “couldn’t

Slippers with Arch Support

Foot and heel pain can be, well, a pain. Your feet support all of your body’s weight. If you don’t take care of your feet properly, they hurt with every step you take. That can even make hanging out around the house uncomfortable. **Below, you’ll find our

Plantar Fasciitis Stretches – A Five Minute Solution

To get a sense of why stretching will work to reduce your pf symptoms, let’s first take a tiny step backwards to get a solid grasp of the mechanics behind your heel pain. The fibrous ligament known as the plantar facia is essentially strung from the base

3 Best Work Boots for Men with Plantar Fasciitis

Source By Amanda Wilks Does the sole of your feet get overly sore when you stand for long hours? If yes, you may be suffering from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Usually, it attacks the band of tissue in your feet called the plantar fascia. In chronic

5 Best Cross Training Shoes for Any Athlete

Runners, weight lifters, and athletes of all stripes looking for the best training shoes for their workout struggle with comparing features to find a shoe that’s comfortable, breathable, and optimizes their athletic pursuits. The best cross training shoes fit comfortably and offer support with restricting movement. Read

5 Best Pain Relieving Plantar Fasciitis Braces

People who struggle with plantar fasciitis often have the worst pain when they step out of bed in the morning. One way to combat this jarring wakeup call is to wear a plantar fasciitis brace or night splint. While there is some controversy over the effectiveness of

The Top 5 Best Running Socks for Every Athlete

Whether you run for fun or competition, there’s no reason to wear uncomfortable socks that are sub par for athletic performance. With a range of styles, materials, and perks available, today’s athletic socks are changing the running game. Comfort, style, and performance are top markers for these

5 Best Walking Shoes for Men for Comfort, Support, and Durability

When you wear anything other than a supportive, reliable shoe for walking or standing long hours, you can easily set yourself up for pain and injury to your feet, ankles, and legs. The best walking shoes for men are ones that maintain their shape despite long wear,

5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (Plus Insoles!) to Prevent Injury

People with flat feet have virtually no arches to help absorb the shock from standing, walking, or running. The issue can lead to stress on the joints and ligaments of the foot, especially if you don’t wear shoes with the proper support. Walking and running can exacerbate

Top 6 Best Running Shoes for Athletes with High Arches

Athletes with high arches often struggle to find comfortable shoes that propel their workout to the next level. Dealing with pain and discomfort from flat shoes without adequate support can ruin a runner’s passion for the sport, especially when it takes them out of the race. Thankfully,

5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day to Keep the Pain Away

Whether you’re on your feet for a good portion of your day at home or your job requires you to stand for long hours, you may experience pain in your feet or legs at the end of the day. Often, this pain is the result of improper

Why Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Is Not For You.

For patients who experience severe heel pain, you might think surgery is a final option that could provide long-awaited relief. In fact it shouldn’t be in consideration at all. All cheaper and effective options should be exhausted prior to altering your foot mechanics permanently with release surgery.